Sáng chủ nhật một người đàn ông Trung Quốc bỗng nhiên Nude hoàn toàn chạy ra đường phố đông đúc và làm 1 việc rất ý nghĩa đối với anh ta là….nâng ô tô. Đừng tưởng anh ấy tập thể dục, anh ta làm là có ý nghĩa cả đấy. hãy đọc những lời trích dẫn phía dưới bức ảnh. (Nếu bạn không rành tiếng anh có thể vào google để dịch )


Completely naked man in front of a taxi in Anhui, China.


I saw this big brother squatting low, mustering all his effort, roaring: “Give me power!!!”

 3.jpg nude3 picture by kangblog

 Little Mopper at this time thought this was someone doing performance art, and wanted to have a look.


A naked man in China with hi body pressed against a taxi.


The driver, after being momentarily stunned, finally got out of the car and loudly snapped, hoping to drive away Brother Power, but Brother Power’s firm and resolute expression showed his determination!


So what exactly was he trying to do? The driver also wanted to know.


The taxi driver talks to the naked man, hailed by Chinese netizens as "Brother Power" or "Brother Strong" or "Brother Strength".


This motorcycle brother happened to pass by, and seemed to be stunned as well! And at the same time, the surrounding onlookers “who do not know the truth” also grew in number.


Naked Brother Power stuns a motorscooter rider passing by.


At this time, Brother Power loudly shouted a representative declaration: “Evil and ugly modern society, retreat!!!!” At the same time, he once again used his strength to lift the taxi!


The taxi driver calls the police.


The driver had no choice but to call the police. Afterward began a half hour of helpless waiting!


The taxi driver waits for police to arrive.





2-1.jpg nude4 picture by kangblog


Pedestrians and bystanders watching the scene.


Brother power screams for power to help him lift the taxi.


A nearby security guard asks Brother Power a question.


Seeing Brother Power’s unrelenting spirit, a security guard went up to ask Brother Power the reason for his actions!

  1-1.jpg nude4 picture by kangblog

Brother Power’s expression unrelenting, revealed the reason: “Ugly modern society must retreat!! By 2012, my power will be enough, and I will thoroughly destroy this ugly modern society!!!”


Close up of Brother Power's face.


The police finally arrive.


Our police finally arrived.


Police officers talk to Brother Power.


Seeing Brother Power’s strong body, they could not help but ask: “You exposing yourself in broad daylight in front of everyone, don’t you think that is ugly?”


Brother Power immediately responded: “Me ugly? You running dog of modern society! It is you who is the most ugly, modern society that is the most ugly.”


Brother Power grabs a towel from a police officer.


After saying this, he yanked the police officer’s towel, wanting to throw it on the ground.


Chinese police officers try to subdue Brother Power.


Unexpected, our brave and resourceful police seized the opportunity, and three to five people together put Brother Power onto the ground.


Brother Power escapes under the car.





4.jpg nude2 picture by kangblog

“Each mountain has a higher mountain”, Brother Power makes a cunning getaway, sliding under the car. Sticking his hand out pointing at the crowd, he loudly declared: “Modernity does not dare crush me!! Modernity retreat!!”


Brother Power points from under the police van as police officers stand around helpless.


With this, even our seasoned police had helpless expressions!




The doctor arrives.


The doctor scratches his head unsure how to deal with Brother Power.


At this time, our doctor also hurried to the scene, scratching his head thinking how to deal with the tenacious Brother Power!


The police finally subdue Brother Power.


After persisting for nearly half an hour, our police and doctor used quickness to suppress Brother Power.


But when entering the doctor’s car in the end, Brother Power last words deeply shook Little Mopper: “Modern society will retreat!!! I will be back!!”



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  1. Mèo Lười Việt nói:

    When I was a small child, people used to tell me “Eat dirty and you will live long, Chinese told me so” (Ăn bẩn sống lâu người Tàu bảo thế). Now I realize Chinese is so bựa!!!

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